Specialized Promotions Network


SPN provides turn-key product sample programs:

On-Site Event Sampling and Field Marketing
Goody Bag / Finish Line Sampling
Guerrilla and Intercept Sampling
Sports and Athlete Sponsorship Programs

SPN Philosophy

Sample promotions in conjunction with grassroots and sports events are the most effective way to reach your target consumers. ROI highlights that the product experience of receiving a sample at an enjoyable event increases potential conversion to brand loyalty, drives viral word-of-mouth, and creates corporate goodwill.

Sampling Programs

SPN's expertise includes hand-to-hand product distribution and goody bag sampling targeting the following audiences: Endurance Athletes, Recreational Athletes, Health and Fitness, Women, Hispanics, African-Americans, Asians, Youth, and Seniors. Looking for ideas for sampling programs? See our list of great events and popular sampling venues.

Agency Services

Our agency's services include: event research, product sampling, creative and graphic design of visual display materials, trucking and storage logistics, social media integration, and event follow-up. See our client list for collaborating brands.